Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!!


Labor Day to me is kind of a conundrum.  Why do we call it Labor Day when we have the day off?  I asked my husband that yesterday, and it got me wondering.  So, of course, I had to Google it to see.  Here is what I found at
Today is Labor Day and you are in three groups of people: those without a job, those not working because your job observes the holiday or those carrying on like any other work day.
So for the lucky majority of employed people not working today, do you know why?
According to the US Department of Labor, Labor Day was created out of the "labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers."
It was first celebrated on September 5, 1882 in New York City.
Other indications linked to Labor Day include the end of summer and the beginning of football season.
 So, there you have it!  A way to celebrate the social and economic acheivements of American workers.  Thank you Department of Labor!  It's nice to be rewarded for what I do every day.

I do like that it means football season is starting...we are big fans!  Not die-hard, go to the field, paint your face and tailgate fans, but sit at home and watch the game together, cheering our favorite teams on fans.  Hubby loves New England and I'm a Green Bay fan.  Although, this year I will be watching the Vikings as I love Brett Favre!!

The end of summer?  I love summer, so that makes me a little sad.  Summer is my favorite season because of flip-flops, tank tops and lazy days.  But, the fall weather is wonderful!  I will be able to sit out on the porch with my coffee and a book in the mornings because it won't be so hot.  School is back in, so high school football, which is HUGE in Texas, is in full swing.  Marching bands can be heard every Friday and Saturday night, which I enjoy as I was in the band in school.

So, today is the day that all of us who labor, and our families, rest.  Well, supposedly.  If you can call cooking/barbecuing for a herd of family and friends resting, then go ahead.  Here at our house, we are doing some thorough cleaning, so we won't be doing a lot of resting, but at least we have the day to do it.  I'm thankful for that!  Time spent with my wonderful husband is always a welcome treat for me, so I'm glad to have the extra day to do that.  My hope for you is that whatever you do today, work, rest, spend time with family, may it be what you want to do.  Enjoy!


bermudaonion said...

Summer is my favorite season, too, but I do love college football. My hubby's one of those people laboring away today.

Luanne said...

Happy Labour Day to you as well. I am one of the lucky ones with a job with the day off.

Sue Jackson said...

I enjoyed your post about the end of summer and the start of fall. I feel similarly...I'll really miss the freedom of summer and especially the easy-going evenings with no homework, soccer, or school activities to worry about. But fall is my favorite season, weather-wise. I'm very glad to say good-bye to the hot and humid weather and to have the windows open again, with cool evening air.

Hope you enjoyed your day off and are now enjoying your clean house!


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