Saturday, June 13, 2009

Snapshot Saturday #16

Thought I'd share the catch from last weekend.  Our favorite thing to do is go out with our friends on the boat, offshore fishing.   They took a "boy's" trip last Saturday, and when we met them at the dock, this is what they had hauled in - quite a catch huh?  They had mahi-mahi (dolphin fish), red snapper, ling, blac-fin tuna, and spanish mackarel.  That's our vet's grandson standing next to the fish.  He is spending the summer with his dad, so this was his send-off fishing trip!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, what a catch! I assume that picture was NOT taken with your new yet-to-be-won iphone?!!! :--) Still, good picture!!! :--)

Kami Garcia said...

I couldn't catch a fish at the grocery store. Impressive!

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