Saturday, September 26, 2009

Review: Little Miss Matched series

I am excited to showcase this series today!  Any of these boxed sets would make a great gift for a young girl in your life.  Many thanks to Laura at Workman Publishing for sending me copies of these to review.  Here are the 4 boxed sets in the series, along with their descriptions.

The Artist in Me! contains everything an aspiring young artist needs to develop her talent, improve her skills, and discover how to express herself as only she can. The 96-page book is filled with dozens of tutorials on the principles of drawing. But it also goes farther, giving the reader strategies for learning to "see" as an artist—and think as an artist. It reminds readers that there are no mistakes and celebrates the crooked lines as well as the straight. Included in the kit is a complete set of tools: 3 drawing pencils, an artist's sketchbook, a set of vine charcoal, oil pastels, sanding pad, blending sticks, color wheel, kneaded eraser, and assorted charcoal drawing paper.

Tween girls love to write, whether keeping a diary of their deepest thoughts or beginning to express themselves for the public through poetry, songs, or fiction. The Writer in Me! is an all-in-one creativity kit for every up-and-coming wordsmith, written in a fun, accessible way by Arielle Eckstut, co-author of Putting Your Passion into Print, one of the founders of LittleMissMatched, and author of the previous LMM books.

A book of motivation, instruction, inspiration, technique, and tips, it helps the young writer on her journey—to find her inner voice, to observe the world, to discover the forms of writing that are most appealing. The kit also includes a full suite of writer's tools: three different types of journals (an observation notepad, a diary, and a lined blank book), a handy rhyming dictionary, a "Why Writers Write" inspirational poster, and a deck of word cards and story-starters to get the creative juices flowing.

Pajama Party in a Box is the all-in-one pajama party kit with everything a girl needs to throw the perfect— and perfectly her—pajama party. The 96-page, full-colorbook is a guide to every step in the process: how to find a theme; how to make your own invitations, party favors, goodie bags, and decorations; what to serve, including fun recipes; plus games (Madcap Scavenger Hunt, Expert Witness, Pass the Gesture) and crafts (dreamcatchers, scrapbooking, transform a t-shirt). Also inside the keepsake box are sheets of stickers, a spin-orama truth or dare game, scrapbooking pages, and a Little MissMatched autograph memory album for all the guests to personalize.

Are you a perfectionist? An artist? A leader? An introvert, or an extrovert? What's your personality profile? Marvelous & Fabulous Me Quiz Book is the 128-page, full-color guide to finding out all about who you really, really are.

50 personality quizzes offer insights into mood, preferences, personality types, fashion sense, passions, and more. Pick up a pencil, and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

My Thoughts:  Wow!  These boxed sets are great!  Oh, to be a tween again...well, not really, but I think that tween girls will absolutely love these!

Each box not only includes a book, but also other items to bring out the artist, writer, fun, girl inside your tween.  In a day and time where imagination is often stifled by video games and technology, this series strives to bring that out.  As an educator, I am always looking for items like that.

The Marvelous Me box is perfect for the girl who loves to know about herself and her friends.  The book has 50 personality quizzes that are short and fun.  Young girls will enjoy learning about themselves and are sure to want to try the quizzes out on their friends after school or at a party.  It's all about figuring out the who, what, and why of YOU!

The Writer and Artist in Me boxes will make good gifts for young girls who love to write or draw.  Along with the books, they get other fun items to encourage writing and drawing, like journals, notebooks, sketchbook, oil pastels, etc.  What fun!  I can see girls turning to these boxes on a rainy day or in the evenings after homework is done.

Finally, my favorite box is the Pajama Party in a Box.  As a girl, I loved slumber parties, and I don't think they happen nearly enough for girls today.  Everything you need to throw the perfect party is in this box.  The book talks girls through the planning, recipes, and games for a pajama party.  Then, the box includes an autograph book, stickers and other fun items to use at your party.  My niece would love this, as she lives in a house full of boys and desperately needs some girl time.

With Christmas just around the corner, I recommend any of these sets for one or all of the tween girls in your life.  I know I will be giving them to some of mine!  Workman Publishing scores a 10 with me and these boxed sets.


Julie P. said...

These looks terrific! I'll be on the lookout for them because I think Booking Daughter would love them!

Janel said...

These sound so fun! I'm thinking Christmas presents ...

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