Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughts From a 12 Year Old and a Giveaway

I apologize that this didn't go live yesterday.  Blogger doesn't always post as I schedule and I didn't even think to check because everything else I've scheduled this week has posted just fine.  No worries though.  There is plenty more fun to be had with guests and giveaways, possibly through the weekend.  What have you done to celebrate Children's Book Week?

Today I am pleased to introduce to you Kathy Fuller!

Kathleen Fuller is the author of The Mysteries of Middlefield Series, from Thomas Nelson. Book One, A Summer Secret, is available now. Book Two, The Secrets Beneath, will release in the fall of 2010. For more information visit her website:

My twelve-year-old daughter, Zoie, helped me as I wrote A Summer Secret, Book One in the Mysteries of Middlefield series. She’s an avid reader, and recently we talked about her favorite books and whether she likes to write her own stories.

Why do you like to read?

Zoie: I like to read because it’s really fun. You get to learn what happens in the book and about the characters and what they’re like.

What are your favorite types of books to read?

Zoie: My favorite types of books to read are mysteries and adventures. I like mysteries because it’s all this suspense. I like adventures because it’s like “what’s gonna happen next.” I like that because it’s really exciting to learn about adventures. Maybe someday I might get to go on one when I’m older. Like one of my adventures might be walking across the Great Wall of China. I think it would be difficult and very exhausting because it’s very long. It would be really awesome to walk it.

What book are you reading now?

Zoie: I’m reading a lot of books, but the one I’m reading right now is called Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai.

What is your favorite book?

Zoie: My favorite book would have to be the Land of Elyon series. It’s my favorite because there’s a girl who has to face a bunch of mysterious creatures like ogres, giants, and a bunch of bats called the black swarm. There’s a guy named Victor Grindall; he’s a bad guy who’s being controlled by someone who wants to be greater than Elyon. I’m on the third book and I can’t wait to find out what happens.

If you could jump into any story, what story would it be and why?

Zoie: Any Pokemon book, because of all the characters in there. There are legendary creatures. There’s a lot of action and it would be really cool to actually imagine being in the book you’re actually reading.

Do you ever want to write your own stories?

Zoie: I have written my own stories. Some of them are for school, and some of them I write at home. I like to write because it helps me improve my handwriting and because it’s fun to imagine your own story in your head. My daydreams are like stories in my head, and my dreams at night are the same thing. What you’re dreaming in your head is like a book with no pages or words, just images.

Who is your favorite character of all time?

My favorite character of all time in any book would have to be Ash because he’s a Pokemon trainer who gets to go on amazing adventures and he gets to meet legendary Pokemon, and he travels with a bunch of friends.

How many books do you have?

Zoie: Fifty-two, and I love every single one of them!

Thank you Kathy, and Zoie, for being a part of my Children's Book Week celebration!

Kathy has offered copies of Book One of The Mysteries of Middlefield Series: A Summer Secret as a giveaway this week.  Two copies are up for grabs to two lucky commenters.  Please comment by Sunday, May 16th.  Winners will be randomly selected and posted on Monday, May 17th.

In the Mysteries of Middlefield series, readers will be immersed into exciting mysteries and authentic Amish culture.

With a twin brother and five younger brothers, Mary Beth Mullet's house is in constant chaos. Her parents don't seem to mind the noise, but she needs a break from all the pestering and babysitting.

It's the summer before eighth grade, and Mary Beth plans to escape to her secret place as much as possible. The old barn in the neighboring field is dangerous, and her parents have forbidden her to go there, but she escapes to it as often as she can.

Mary Beth soon discovers she is not alone in the barn. Someone is living there; someone who needs help. Can Mary Beth help the stranger without losing her secret place? And what if the barn is as dangerous as her parents say it is?

Readers will identify with Mary Beth's struggles for peace and independence and be engrossed in the excitement and danger of A Summer Secret.


Cara Lynn James said...

It sounds like a wonderful book, Kathleen! I'd love to read it.

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I would love to win this please! Thanks!

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This book sounds great! Please enter me for a chance to win! Thanks for hosting!

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I just found your blog and am enjoying it. This sounds like a good book.

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It sounds like a very intriguing book, looking forward to reading it!

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Thanks for the chance to win!
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I would love to win this book. I love your books as you well known. God bless you and your daughter.
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Jacqueline said...

I so enjoy reading Amish Novels and would like to share my love for this genre with my nieces. So, I would like to enter the contest for the novel and then I would share it with my young teen nieces and hopefully lay a seed for new fans of Amish Novels.
Thank you!

Jacqueline said...

I hope this got posted. Would love to win novel and would share it with nieces and hopefully they will become avid Amish Novel readers too!

Thank you!

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Please count me in.

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I love reading Amish fiction and would definitely enjoy getting my hands on a copy of this sooner, rather than later!

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Please include me Kathleen...I Love your books!!


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