Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review: Chicken Butt


Today's review is part of the blog tour for this brand new children's book by Erica Perl.  It's coincidental that my date on the tour fell during Children's Book Week, and that I would review this book right after The Tushy Book; go figure! Following is the complete tour line-up.

5/4 = Natasha Maw's MAW BOOKS BLOG
5/5 = Tina Nichols Coury's TALES FROM THE RUSHMORE KID
5/6 = Pam Couglan's MOTHERREADER
5/7 = Kimberly Willis Holt's A PEN AND A NEST
5/8 = Terry Golson's HEN BLOG
5/11 = Elizabeth Bird's FUSE # 8
5/12 = Shelly Burns' WRITE FOR A READER
5/13 = Susan Thomsen's CHICKEN SPAGHETTI
5/14 = Andrea Beatty, Julia Durango and Carolyn Crimi's THREE SILLY CHICKS

You can link to the websites from here, and go back to the posts you missed.  Natasha has a great video of reading the book with her son!  Erica's giving away prizes, so if you visit one of the blogs on tour, go comment at her blog and you will be entered.  Make sure you scroll down and find the post titled Chicken Butt! Blog Tour.  Now, I bet you want to know about this book...

Title:  Chicken Butt!
Author:  Erica Perl
Illustrator:  Henry Cole
Review Copy Provided by:  author

About the Book: When a little boy successfully uses "fowl" play and ridiculous rhymes to get his distracted dad's attention, he gets so excited he keeps going and going. Dad wants to stop the silliness, but he's no match for . . . CHICKEN BUTT!

 My Review:  This is another book with a VERY catchy title!  What kid wouldn't judge this book by it's cover?  Open it up, and you aren't disappointed.  Such vibrant, vivid pictures make this book just loveable.  Perl has taken a simple child's rhyme, joke, annoyance, and turned it into a book that young children will love!  I fell in love with the dad in this book.  He gets so annoyed with the little boy, but the boy is just having fun.  The dad's facial expressions are priceless!  Thank you, Henry Cole.  This is definitely a book I will be recommending to parents of young children.

So, who is Erica Perl?  You can read more about her on her website www.ericaperl.com.  Just click on the "about" flower.  Want to know where she'll be?  Click on the "events" flower.  Her website is just as full of life and vibrant as her books.


Staci said...

Totally looks adorable and with a title like that who can go wrong? Kids love this stuff and the illustrations are awesome!!

bermudaonion said...

This does sounds like a book kids would love.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny about the two books. But kids do seem obsessed with that area!

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