Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dole Magic Contest

Today I want to tell you about a non-bookish contest that I was asked to promote.  I thought that my mom bloggers and readers might be interested in this.

DOLE Fruit Facts

Did you know by serving your kids pineapple you are providing them with an excellent source of vitamin C? Here are 5 more tips about fun and healthy snacking from the DOLE Nutrition Institute:
  • For children who love to eat, let them eat their fill of DOLE Jarred Fruit, limiting only higher calorie foods.
  • Fruit combats childhood obesity. Studies at Tufts and Baylor Universities link high fruit and vegetable consumption with lower childhood body mass indices (BMIs). Unlike junk food, which is high in calories and low in nutrients, fruit and veggies are low in calories but high in fiber, water and nutrients. Filling kids up with DOLE Jarred Fruit while meeting nutrient needs will make them feel more satisfied with fewer calories.
  • Be creative with presentation. Give young children cut DOLE Jarred fruits and let them create funny faces or animals.
  • If your child eats only a little dinner and then complains of hunger at bedtime, offer a piece of DOLE Jarred fruit as a tasty and healthy solution.
  • Studies show that adequate vitamin C intake may help maintain a strong immune system. A food that is a “rich” in vitamin C contains at least 12 milligrams of vitamin C per serving.

On the contest website, http://draft.blogger.com/www.dolemagic.com you can find tips, hints and recipes on how families can incorporate more fruit every day as a part of healthy, fun diet. There you can also enter for a chance to win a trip for three to Maui, Hawaii for six nights with a 4-star hotel, rental car and $1,000 of spending money! Sixty daily prizes, 8 weekly prizes and 1 grand prize winner. Every time you log on you will have the chance to win a daily prize!

So, what are you waiting for?  Get over there and get entered!  You can grab and share the widget to let others know about this contest as well.

Dole fruit is and always has been my fruit of choice when buying canned fruit.  I am so glad to see them putting their fruit into jars, as I think it is better for you.  My favorite is the mandarin oranges.  I just love how fresh they taste!  Fresh fruit is my first choice, but when it's not in season, I reach for the Dole!

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