Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review: 20 Easy Ways to Save the Earth

Title:  20 Easy Ways to Save the Earth
Author:  Coach Pedro & Susan Adam Rita
Illustrated by:  Murilo Pruner
Review Copy Provided by:  Phenix & Phenix

About the Book:  20 EASY WAYS TO SAVE THE EARTH is a book full of great ideas to put into practice that will help you change little things and have a great impact. The main reason for this book is to educate, inspire, and empower children to protect the environment.

My Review:  This is a perfect non-fiction picture book to teach young children about taking care of the earth.  Written in English and Spanish, each page shows the dos and don'ts of taking care of the earth.  The bright colored, vivid, kid-friendly illustrations will have children checking this one out.  The pictures show children doing what is wrong and then other children doing the right thing.  In a time where prices are going up, and people are losing jobs, conserving is something we need to really think about as adults, as well as children.  It is never too early to teach children ways to live "greener" and this book is a great start!  The book ends with a great question to get kids discussing either in class at school or at home; "How can I help save the earth?"  As a teacher, I could see many ways to extend this book with just that one question.  The students could come up with other ways and create posters for them.  This is also a perfect book for Earth Day.

If you missed my interview with author, Coach Pedro, you can read it here.

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Beth F said...

This one looks so good. I've been seeing reviews for it lately.

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