Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do You Buy Books?

If you are a book lover, I'm sure the answer to the above question is yes.  If so, my next question is why.  Why do you buy books?

I have been buying books, going to the bookstore, and reading, since I can remember.  My mom is an avid reader, so I grew up loving books.  Thank you mom!  Thank you also to the wonderful teachers I had who helped to grow that love of reading and introduce me to books and ideas that were outside of my repertoire at the time.

So, in order to feed my reading habit, I buy books.  That in itself, is a bad habit, but I love it!  Being a teacher doesn't help my habit, because I MUST have good books for my classroom.  I've always worked in a Title I school, so there wasn't extra money for books and the parents didn't usually give books or bookstore giftcards as gifts, if they gave gifts, so it was up to me to provide those books.  Yes, I have boxes of children's books, separated by themes, and stored in my shed.  No, I will not be getting rid of them anytime soon, even though I will not be in the classroom anymore.  I have grandchildren, nieces and nephews who can enjoy them for now.  Maybe later I'll take them to a children's hospital, Half-Price Books, or have a garage sale, but until then, they are safe in their boxes.

Many of my books come from school book fairs.  Each school I've worked at has had 2 book fairs a year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  At each, I spend close to $100 and get alot of books.  Usually it's buy 3, get one free, and no tax for books used in the classroom.  I also go to the Scholastic Warehouse sale, held twice a year.  Then, I'm a sucker for Barnes & Noble, the store itself and online, as well as 

I believe in buying books because I love to read.  I also know that my purchase not only benefits me, but the author, publisher, bookstore, and many more.  Many people have jobs that depend on people like me buying books.  They have to make a living just like I do.  This is the way they do it.  I want authors to keep writing, publishers to keep putting out new books, and bookstores to stay open, so I do want I can to support them.  Why do you buy books?

I say all of this to bring to your attention, a wonderful event going on over at My Friend Amy and Presenting Lenore.   Together, they are hosting a book drive for Beth Kephart's new book, Nothing But Ghosts.  What is the book drive?  Well, here are the details, from Amy's blog:

When: June 23-June 30 at 9 PM EST. (she has extended it through Friday, July 3rd)
Where: Well, here, of course!
What: The book drive is an intentional effort to expand the readership of Nothing But Ghosts by driving sales. It is the book buying fun part of a book party!
Why: Because I believe Beth is a very gifted author who deserves a wider audience. Also, first week sales for a book are always important. Lastly, I'd love to have a measurable example of how book blogs can drive sales for a book.
The Goal: 200 books sold.
How Will it Work: If you choose to buy from Amazon I am asking that you use this link so that I can track the number of books sold. We want and actually NEED to track the number of books sold...because....

There are prizes!  Visit Amy's actual post and read all the details.  Then, read Amy's review of Nothing But Ghosts, buy the book, and send Amy your receipt.  I dare you!!!  Buy it for a gift, if not for yourself.  I bought mine, will you buy yours?  Let me know if you do.  I'd like to say thank you!!


bermudaonion said...

I buy books for the same reasons you do - I love books and I want to support an industry that I believe in.

steven said...

You have pointed out some good reasons to buy books. I fear for the book industry. Over the years I have collected many signed Franklin Library books. The Franklin Library is no longer in business, and I fear that other high end collectible book publishers may soon suffer the same fate.

Shalonda said...

I have bought books for as long as I can remember. While most little girls wanted dolls and toys, I would ask for new books. This of course thrilled my parents, so they took me to the bookstore quite often.

Today, I buy books for myself because I love everything about them. I own books that I know I'll never get around to reading, but it's quite an obsession.

I buy books for my classroom because, like you, I work for a Title 1 school so I don't get many classroom donations, but feel it is important to get books into the hands of my students. I buy a lot of the books from Scholastic Book Club orders and the Scholastic Book fairs and warehouse events.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I love books because of my love of reading. I borrow from the library a little more when my budget gets smaller, but I never stopped buying books from the moment I had pocket money! (and even before, I used puppy eyes on my mother every week when we went to the mall, hoping she would buy me a book!)

More than that, I love having the books I read around me. They're part of my memories. From time to time, I pick one, flip through it and I remember when I read it first and what my life was at that time. I rarely sell or give my books away!

Beth F said...

Great post! I've bought my Beth K book already and hope other people see the importance of supporting authors by buying.

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