Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sunday Salon - Week in Review

It's time for the week in review, better known as The Sunday Salon.  I enjoy this weekly feature because it allows me to wrap up the past week, what I read, what I blogged, what I enjoyed etc. and see the same from other bloggers.  Often times when I read a Salon post, I'm led to blog posts that I may have missed during the week.

This has been a COLD week here in south Texas.  All over the US even, folks are covered in snow and ice.  We had our share and even had to close schools and businesses here on Friday.  It made for a great reading day for me! I shared a picture of some of the ice yesterday in my Snapshot Saturday.

I did get 2 books read this week; Sing You Home & Wrecker.  That doesn't sound like much, I know, but when you work full time, come home to feed horses, squeezing in reading can sometimes prove to be difficult.  I'm very pleased with my reading this week and will be reviewing these titles here on the blog real soon.  After reading about The Radleys on a number of blogs, that is my next read; I started it last night and am enjoying it so far.

Elizabeth Harper stopped by the blog this week for Because of A Book, to share about a children's book that impacted her, The Boy Who Saw True.  Possum Summer was my "Waiting On" Wednesday pick this week, and I reviewed A True Princess as part of a blog tour.

But today, today is the day I've been waiting for!  It's The Big Game's On! Read-a-Thon! hosted by Jenn's Bookshelves.  If you'd like to join in, check out Jenn's initial post about it.  My plan for the day, is to start as soon as possible, even though the actual kick-off of the Super Bowl isn't for a while.  I have lots of housekeeping to do today, but in between loads of clothes, my plan is to get through this stack of children's books I have so that I can get some reviews scheduled.  I have about 20 children's books that I need to get through and to get all of those read and notes made for reviews will be an accomplishment for the day.   We went to the store last  night and I got some Tostitos Scoops to enjoy with my hot sauce while I read.  I've also got homemade banana bread when I need something sweet.  I'll be drinking plenty of water, but I do have some diet Dr. Pepper for when I need a caffeine fix.  My husband made some wonderful chicken soup last night, so if I'm really hungry, I can fix a bowl.  I plan to have a very successful day and hope that you will join us by either reading or cheering on the readers.  If you are on twitter, you can follow us with the #superbowlreadathon! hashtag.  Happy Reading!!


(Diane) bookchickdi said...

I've got to do laundry too, ugh. The chicken soup sounds tasty. Enjoy the day!

Jenn's Bookshelves said...

I'm doing the same thing; reading in between cleaning & doing laundry! I hope you have a successful day as well!

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