Sunday, November 15, 2009

In My Mailbox/Mailbox Monday - 11/15/09

Welcome to another edition of In My Mailbox/Mailbox Monday, where I show you what books came into my house via the mailbox. In My Mailbox is hosted every Sunday by Kristi at The Story Siren and Mailbox Monday is hosted on Mondays by Marcia at the Printed Page. Both ladies have wonderful blogs, that I hope you will take the time to visit. I appreciate each of them for hosting these memes so that book bloggers can share the books that they receive to review. To see what others have gotten this week, visit these ladies and check it out!

Here's what came into my house over the last week:

For Review:

A Separate Country audio by Robert Hicks, from Hachette
Set in New Orleans in the years after the Civil War, A Separate Country is based on the incredible life of John Bell Hood, arguably one of the most controversial generals of the Confederate Army--and one of its most tragic figures. Robert E. Lee promoted him to major general after the Battle of Antietam. But the Civil War would mark him forever. At Gettysburg, he lost the use of his left arm. At the Battle of Chickamauga, his right leg was amputated. Starting fresh after the war, he married Anna Marie Hennen and fathered 11 children with her, including three sets of twins.

Brisinger: Deluxe Edition by Christopher Paolini, from Knopf
Experience the bestselling phenomenon of Brisingr, now in a deluxe edition!

This deluxe edition includes deleted scenes, an exclusive foldout poster, never-before-seen art by the author, and a guide to dwarf runes.

Following the colossal battle against the Empire's warriors on the Burning Plains, Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have narrowly escaped with their lives. Still, there is more at hand for the Rider and his dragon, as Eragon finds himself bound by a tangle of promises he may not be able to keep.

First is Eragon's oath to his cousin Roran: to help rescue Roran's beloved from King Galbatorix's clutches. But Eragon owes his loyalty to others, too. The Varden are in desperate need of his talents and strength—as are the elves and dwarves. When unrest claims the rebels and danger strikes from every corner, Eragon must make choices—choices that take him across the Empire and beyond, choices that may lead to unimagined sacrifice.

In Eragon lies the greatest hope for a better Alagaësia. Can this once simple farm boy rise to become the leader he must to unite the rebel forces and defeat the king?

A #1 New York Times Bestseller
A #1 USA Today Bestseller
A Wall Street Journal Bestseller
A Publishers Weekly Bestseller
An IndieBound Bestseller

The Silent Gift by Michael Landon Jr and Cindy Kelley, from Bethany House
The 1930s were a decade of enormous uncertainty--for the world, for America, and in particular for one lonely, struggling mother and her disabled son. Their story is one of love and enormous sacrifices in the face of circumstances horrendous beyond belief. When her husband leaves her for someone whose time isn't wrapped up in a silent, handicapped kid, Mary and little Jack are out on their own in a world that has no room for the poor and disabled. Especially not at a time when most Americans are simply trying to survive their economic woes and job losses. But then arrives The Gift...where has it come from, and why? How can a young boy who can neither hear nor speak provide comfort, direction, and sometimes challenges to seekers who learn of the special ability? Whatever the source, its presence brings a single shaft of light and hope to Mary and her beloved Jack. Will it be enough?

Just Breeze by Beverly Stowe McClure, from 4RV Publishing for a Pump Up Your Book Promotions blog tour
Eighth grade starts out the same as every other year for Breeze Brannigan. She's still the tallest student, boy or girl, in her class, wears shoes that would fit an elephant, and her smile reveals dazzling braces that blind everyone within ten feet. Then she meets Cam , the new boy in school who speaks with an accent and must be from another planet, for none of the earthling boys she knows are so polite. He also has a secret, a secret that could mean life or death for Cam and his mother and that Breeze must help him keep.

Eragon's Guide to Alagaesia by Christopher Paolini, from Knopf
From the creators of the bestselling books Dragonology, Egyptology, Piratelogy, and others, this is a never-before-seen glimpse into the world of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance cycle. Alagaësia comes alive in a lush and detailed look at an unforgettable magical land. From elves, dwarves, Urgals, humans, and dragons, to the natural landscape and the magic it contains, Eragon himself offers the reader an unsurpassed tour. This oversized, full-color book provides 15 spreads chock full of spectacular artwork, engaging novelty elements, and fascinating insights into Eragon’s home. With gorgeous jewels adorning the cover and pages filled with envelopes, gatefolds, samples of dragon skin, and more, Eragon’s Guide to Alagaësia is sure to appeal to the legions of fans of Christopher Paolini’s bestselling Inheritance cycle. 

For Cybil's Judging:

A Tree for Emmy by Mary Ann Rodman, from Peachtree Publishing

A Mighty Fine Time Machine by Suzanne Bloom, from Boyds Mills Press

Chicken Dance by Tammi Sauer, from Sterling Publishers

Crocodaddy by Kim Norman, from Sterling Publishers

The Legend of the Ninja Cowboy Bear by David Bruins, from Kids Can Press

Scaredy Squirrel at Night by Melanie Watt, from Kids Can Press


inthehammockblog said...

Very interesting books!! Happy Reading!

Sydney Salter said...

Just Breeze sounds good!

bermudaonion said...

You had another great week! How exciting to be judging the Cybils - it's the perfect job for you!

The Story Siren said...

another great week and some fantastic titles! hope you enjoy them all! happy reading!

Cindy said...

You got some really good books Shelley. I think I need to stalk your house LOL

Happy reading and enjoy them :)

Kailana said...

Lots of good looking books!

Rebecca said...

Great books you got this week. There are heaps of interesting titles there. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

Katy said...

I really enjoyed Brisingr--what a cool collector's edition! Also am drooling over Eragon's Guide to Alagaesia... I am looking forward to book four of the Inheritance series.

Mary said...

What a great mailbox full of books! Enjoy.

Kristen said...

What a great mailbox week. Enjoy the books and have fun judging the Cybils.

Anonymous said...

I received A Separate Country recently as well. Can't wait to read it!

DCMetroreader said...

You had a mailbox saggingly great week! I am in your review of the Michael Landon book. I've seen it around the blogosphere & am curious about it.


gautami tripathy said...

Paolini gets repetitive in the same book!

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Allison said...

Looks like some interesting books! The covers on some of them are just beautiful!

Serena said...

I hope you enjoy the books. I have an interview coming up with Michael Landon Jr.

Alayne said...

I've been waiting to read Brisingr until I have the energy to read the first two over again. They're so daunting and I got kind of bored with the second one. But I hope you enjoy! Here is my link:

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I am interested in reading The Michael Landon Jr. book. It looks good. You had a great week! Enjoy!

Anna said...

I received The Silent Gift, too, and I'm looking forward to reading it soon. Enjoy your new books!

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Kelly said...

Funny, but what caught my eye wasn't the information about the books so much as the horse mailboxes, especially the one with a bunch of them running at the top of the post. Beautiful graphics (and I also love the pic of the cute horse shaped one.) I really like your site and will be back - nicely done.

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