Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Waiting On" Wednesday -

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection is:

Change of Heart

by Shari Maurer
Publication Date: 2010 by WestSide Books

In a world where the most stressful thing seems to be winning a soccer game or what to wear in the morning, you take some really basic things for granted.

Like the love of your parents.

Or hanging with your friends.

Or the beating of your heart.

When you’re 16 years old, it never occurs to you that you might die. Emmi Miller’s got a fabulous life. She has tons of friends, does great in school and is an all-star soccer player who played in Europe last summer. It even looks like Sam Hunter, a totally cute baseball player, might be interested in her. And then she gets a virus. No biggy, right? Until the virus goes to her heart and weakens it so much that, without a transplant, Emmi will die.

Will Emmi get a heart in time? Is Sam too good to be true? What about her new friend Abe, who has also had a transplant and guides her through these scary times — is he just being supportive or is there more going on between them? And will Emmi realize it before it’s too late?

What an ordeal to be placed on the shoulders of a 16 year old!  I am anticipating this one to see how the author deals with such a delicate situation.  This is something that teenagers don't think about, but it happens.  I'm glad to see an author putting it into a YA story for teens to read.  Maybe it will make them stop and think!


inthehammockblog said...

This one looks intense!!

Book Crazy Jenn said...

That sounds intense and beautiful! off to add that to my list of wants!

bermudaonion said...

Oh my gosh, this story reminds me of a young lady who went to high school with my son. A virus went to her heart and she was put on the transplant list. She seemed to recover, though, and went on to college. Things got worse for her and she had to have a transplant a few years ago. Her new heart never beat and she passed away on the table. I'm not sure I could handle this book.

Joy said...

Another great book to add to my list! Have a great week!

Sandra said...

That's a daring topic for a novel. Knowing about transplantation as I do would make it an interesting but intense read. Very informative though for those who don't know that people die every day while waiting for transplants-even kids.
I have no doubt that there'll be a happy ending for our heroine. Enjoy your book. I look forward to your houghts on it.

Mishel said...

Kudos on the cover, I really like it!

I think this one hits too close to home for me. While I've never had to get a transplant I did go through a similar ordeal with a virus and having to have open heart surgery when I was 19... I might check this one out, it does sound good.

Cleverly Inked said...

I think the cover reminds me of Twilight. I guess its the hands holding something red

April said...

Wow, the cover speaks for itself - amazing.

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