Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blog Link Up #7 - 3/8/09

I hope that you all remembered to "spring forward" last night/this morning.  It was weird to wake up at 7 and it still be dark outside, but I love that it stays dark longer in the evenings because hubby can get more done outside and not feel like he's unproductive by sitting in his recliner.  Sorry to be late with this post today; we left town yesterday afternoon, just to get away from things.  Here is the list of blog links for this week.  Go visit them, comment, and enjoy what they have to share this week.

Devourer of Books has 2 great audio book reviews for you this week: America America by Ethan Canin and The Thirteenth Tale.  I love audio books because I can listen to them as I commute.  May have to add these to my list.

Beth Fish Reads is a huge fan of the Bone books.  She has reviewed book #8.  In another post, she poses a great question: what author or book do you think is underrepresented on the book blogs?

Trish at Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'? also has 2 great posts for you.  She has reviewed a book that I have in my TBR pile, making me want to read it more, The Hunger Games.  She is also an avid knitter and crocheter.  Take a look at some of her projects.

My Friend Amy has reviewed Invention of Morel.  She wrote her first book endorsement this week, so check out this post on book endorsements.

As many of you know, there has been a book giveaway carnival going on this week, that ends today.  Many of the giveaways, however, are continuing this week.  Marta wants you to check out all the giveaways in her sidebar over at Marta's Meanderings.

Finally, Books and Movies has a post titled, Our Favorite Read-Alouds.  Head over there and see which ones her family enjoys.

That's all the links for this week.  Here at Write For A Reader this coming week, I will be reviewing and giving away a copy of My Little Red Book and the author will be stopping by for a guest post.  Don't forget to enter my Spring Cleaning Giveaway.

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