Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review: Can You Cuddle Lika a Koala?

Author/Illustrator:  John Butler
Review Copy Provided by: Peachtree Publishers

About the Book:  FROM LEAPING LIKE A FROG to winking like an owl, acclaimed author-illustrator John Butler will delight the very young with this simple, interactive look at different animals and the way they move.
Butler's lavish portraits feature wide-eyed animals in their natural surroundings. The simple text will invite spirited responses from young children as they imitate the animals in the story, until finally, at the end, they are instructed to "Close your eyes tight and rest your sleepy head."

My Review:  I have always loved board books for the youngest readers.  Not all books can be made into board books though, so I love it when I find good ones for baby shower gifts, birthdays or Christmas.  Since my nephew was born last week, I'm drawn to them even more because I feel like he can't have too many books, even at a week old.  So yes, this one will be going to him.  It is really a cute book.  John Butler introduces our youngest readers to animals and the movements they make like a creeping mouse, a swinging monkey, and a splashing otter to name a few.  This book also rhymes which I think is essential in books for the very young as they begin to play with language.  Sometimes rhyming can be over done, but in this short little book, with rhymes only at the end of each page, it is just right.

The illustrations are sure to catch a youngster's eye.  The animals are large and in the forefront, stretching across two pages.  The colors are pastels, not vivid, but still look touchable.  Butler creates beautiful pictures to complement his sweet book.

I am sure that the littlest reader in your life will love this book, not just because it's just right for them to hold, durable enough to withstand them, but because of the animals that they will love and the lines that they are sure to memorize or at least mimic.  This is one that I will recommend to others and add to my list of books to give as gifts.


Busy Bookblogger said...

I'm so glad to find someone who reviews children's books! My students are making their own right now and then they will take them to the elementary school and read them to the kids along with some already existing ones! I am going to add this to the ones we are taking! :)

bermudaonion said...

Yes, I can cuddle like a koala! I had an uncle who loved to travel and he would always bring a gift back with him. When he went to Australia, he brought me a stuffed koala bear and I slept with it for years. I've loved them ever since, so I would be drawn to this book.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this sounds great. I can't wait to share this with my kids.

I'm going to add you to my reads btw. And of course, I know how to cuddle like a koala ;]


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