Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Back and We Have a Winner!

Hello readers!  I have truly missed each and every one of you while I've been at the rodeo.  My husband had 2 days of the Paint Horse Show and then our vet had 2 days of the Donkey & Mule show, that we helped him with.  We are finally back at home, exhausted, not wanting to work tomorrow, but home nonetheless.  Spring Break was fast and furious; I could use another!  Sorry about not having posts scheduled for you all.  Next time I will definitely be more prepared. 

I did finish Wintergirls (loved it!), so look for the review this week. Many of you have been commenting on my review of Galway Bay and I will be posting the winner tomorrow.  I will have more giveaways this week, so check back and see what's going on.

I failed to post the winner for my 100th post giveaway, so let me take care of that.  We failed to reach 100 comments, so the 2 extra books will be kept for a future giveaway.  The winner, chosen at random, is:

Julie P.

I have emailed the winner, who has 48 hours to get back to me with her mailing address so that I can get her books mailed from the publisher.  Congratulations to Julie!!!


Julie P. said...

I'm so excited! Thanks so much!

bermudaonion said...

We're glad you're back. Congrats Julie!

Beth F said...

Yay Julie!!!

Unknown said...


And good to have you back


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous but I know how happy Julie will be when all those marvelous books arrive at her door! Congratulations and what a nice thing to do for your me some ideas, Alyce! Thanks!

kalea_kane said...

Congrats Julie P!

I am really looking forward to your review of Wintergirls!!!!

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