Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blog Link Up #2 - 1/31/09

Thank you for stopping by to see what links I've got for you this week.  This is something new that a groups of book bloggers are doing and I think it's going to be good for all of us, bloggers and readers.  We have submitted our favorite posts of the week and then blog about each others' posts so that we can make more people aware of what's out there to read.  The links provided in this round-up are usually book related in nature and ones that the bloggers in this group thought you should see.
My Friend Amy posted a very thought provoking post this week in her Sunday Salon.  In the post "The Book Nerd Who Loved Assigned Reading," she talks about reading that is assigned to kids in school and how she enjoyed what she was assigned.  Should we force reading on our kids?  Over at Devourer of Books, there are always good book reviews, and this is no exception.  Head on over and check out what she thinks about To Hold the Crown by Jean Plaidy.   Many of you know that I have a pretty hefty TBR pile, and The Heretic's Daughter is in there, yet keeps getting pushed toward the bottom.  Over at Wendi's Book Corner, she has reviewed it, and may be the reason it gets moved to the top of the pile.  Great review Wendi!  The Bodies Left Behind just sounds like a great book, but Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'? thought it was awesome!  Read her review, then read the book and see what you think.  When I read a good book review, it of course makes me want to read the book.  Therefore, I keep a running list of wish books.  No need to write this one down if you win it.  Bookroom Reviews has a copy of Beat the Reaper to giveaway along with a great review of the book.  Marta's Meanderings has a sci-fi thriller that she just couldn't put down.  If you enjoy this genre, read her review and add Family of Bones to your must read stack.
I hope you will find a new blog or a great book as you link to these posts this week.  Please, let me know what you think about this new link round-up.


Staci said...

Love this feature on your blog...keep it up!!

BookChook said...

I liked it too. It introduced me to new blogs I may not have had time to get to, even over at Book Blogs.

trish said...

I think you did a fabulous job. :-)

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