Monday, January 19, 2009

Review: Waggit Again

Title:  Waggit Again
Author:  Peter Howe
About the Book:  The first time it happened, Waggit was just a puppy.  But now he is lost again, and this time far away from home.  How will he ever get back to where he belongs?  Just when all hope is lost he finds two new and very unusual friends.  Are his troubles over?  Or are they just beginning?
My Review:  Once again, Peter Howe gives us Waggit's story only this time he's older and has more friends.  I enjoyed Waggit Again just as much as the Waggit's Tale.  In this story, Waggit is out of the park living on a farm, but he doesn't like can't and can't believe his Upright has left him there.  Howe tells Waggit's story as he meets up with 2 new friends and together, they venture back to the park where Waggit's Tale began, the place that he loves and feels he belongs.  Like his first book, Howe tells the story from Waggit's point of view, drawing the reader in with the suspense and adventure.  I fell in love with the new characters and was saddened at times by events in the story.  Again, I was unable to put this one down until I knew what was going to happen.  I can't say much more about this book without giving away spoilers.  Waggit Again is due out in May, so keep an eye out for it.  I do want to share some quotes from the book which I think sum up the theme well.
"So much had happened in such a short period of time.  He had learned about survival and friendship, and loyalty and bravery through overcoming fear.  He had also come to understand that the world was not always the friendly place he would like it to be.  There were bad dogs...and bad humans like the men at the bar, and these you had to stand up to, even though it was scary and dangerous."
"What he had learned was that both humans and dogs are often different from the way they first seem, and to judge too quickly was often to be wrong.  It was a lesson he would try to live by."
Aren't those things that we all wish our children would learn?  Not only has Howe written a great story, but he leaves you with life lessons.
This book was reviewed for the Picnic Basket and it gets a 5 - strongly recommend
Thank you Picnic Basket and Harper Collins for sending this to me!

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