Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Review: Walking Through Walls

I finished this book at the beginning of the month and just haven't gotten around to posting the review.  Really ought to do that as soon as I finish, so that I don't forget.  Note to self:  remember that!

Author:  Philip Smith
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About the Book:  After a full day of creating beautiful interiors for the rich and famous, Lew Smith would come home, take off his tie, and get down to his real work as a psychic healer who miraculously cured thousands of people.  For his son, Philip, watching his father transform himself, at a moment's notice, from gracious society decorator into a healer with supernatural powers was a bit like living with Clark Kent and Superman.

My Review:  This is the first memoir I've ever read, and although it won't become one of my favorite genres, it wasn't that bad.  Smith tells his story in a way that keeps you entertained, while trying to figure out just what is going on.  To say it's a bizarre story would be accurate.  How a child can grow up in a household like that is beyond me, but I've known them to grow up in worse.  Smith seems to be very independent and self-sufficient.  Who wouldn't be growing up in a house where your mom and dad aren't really around much?  I'm not sure I enjoy reading about other people's lives, it seems sort of intrusive.  If you are a fan of memoirs, you may enjoy this, but it's not one I'd pick up again.  Philip Smith is a good writer, but I just did not really care for the story.

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Anonymous said...

This is in my TBR pile - sorry it wasn't great for you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's my problem. I'm very much the intrusive type - lol! Sorry you didn't enjoy the book and thanks for the link! :)

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