Monday, January 19, 2009

Review: Waggit's Tale

Title:  Waggit's Tale
Author:  Peter Howe
Review Copy Provided by: Harpers Collins Publishers via The Picnic Basket

About the Book:  He is nameless.  He is homeless.  He is friendless.  He is lost.

Until he is found . . . by a team of mutts who shelter him and teach him how to survive the wilds of the city park.  And so he becomes Waggit, the best hunter and tracker in the pack, and the dog with the most powerfully wagging tail. Waggit grows to love his team, especially its leader, Tazar, and his best friend, an old dog named Lowdown.  But life in the park is dangerous and uncertain. In winter, food and warmth are scarce. Another team of wild dogs is a constant menace. And always, there is the fear of capture by park rangers. Waggit can't help feeling that something is missing . . . something warm and cozy and . . . human. Then one day everything changes and Waggit must face a new threat and a new choice.

My Review:  This is a sweet story told from a dog's point of view.  I have to say that I am a sucker for animal books.  When my kids at school ask me for a book recommendation, I usually point them to Bill Wallace, especially Beauty and A Dog Called Kitty.  Those books have animals in them, but the main character is usually a child.  Peter Howe's books will be ones that I add to the likes of Bill Wallace when I recommend books, because not only are they about animals, but the animals are the main characters which is different and wonderful.  I have not known many kids who don't like dogs or reading about dogs.  For Howe's first book for children, he chose characters that appeal to children.  Waggit's Tale introduces us to Waggit and his life in the park.  Stray dogs are commonplace in the country, but who knew there were groups of them in the heart of the city?  My heart was with Waggit as Howe told his story.  The writing is such that you get into the character and don't want to put the book down until you find out what happens to him.  This book is full of suspense, mystery, adventure and humor which when all put together makes for a great story with a loveable main character. 

This is a Picnic Basket review, so I must rate it.  I give Waggit's Tale a 5 - strongly recommend.

Thank you to the Picnic Basket and Harper Collins Publishers for sending me this book to review!

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BookChook said...

They both sound good. I agree, kids love dog books and these two sound like they have tremendous kid appeal.

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