Monday, April 13, 2009

Blog Link-Up #11 - 4/13/09

Okay, sorry for the late post, but Easter threw me off yesterday because we were at a friend's house until late.  This post is the Weekly Link Round-Up for my blog group.  If you missed some of these posts last week, be sure to check them out!

Many bloggers have begun doing posts like Devourer of Books' That Brought You Here?  It is interesting to see what search words caused readers to end up at our blogs.  Don't miss her announcement post about giveaways she currently hosting!

Over at Beth Fish Reads, you can find a great discussion about publishing and Twitter.  Are they a good mix?  What do you think?  She also reviewed The Killing Tree and has this to say, "The Killing Tree is not a novel about the romance of a simpler life, it's an examination of a young woman who struggles to understand her family and her own conflicting hopes and expectations."

My Friend Amy reviewed The Ruins.  She had this to say, "This is one of those books that tackles the question of survival, and there's something about that kind of story that really fascinates me."  I was not surprised by this statement as Lost is one of Amy's favorite shows.  She also has a new feature on her blog, Tube Talk Tuesday, where she discusses shows that she is watching.  This week's post is about the show Supernatural.

Books and Movies has 5 copies of Jantsen's Gift to giveaway and a great post about her favorite poetry for children
I hope you enjoyed this week's links!

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