Monday, April 20, 2009

Mailbox Monday - 4/20/09

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia at Printed Page.  Head on over there to see what others received in their mailboxes.  
Here is what came into my house last week:

Castration Celebration (ARC) by Jake Wizner - from Random House
The Beef Princess of Practical County by Michelle Houts - from Random House
Angels of Destruction (ARC)by Keith Donohue - from Random House
Do Ants Have Assholes? by Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent - contest win
The Teashop Girls (ARC) by Laura Schaefer - from author
Need by Carrie Jones (autographed) - from Dust of 100 Dogs contest
Girl, Hero by Carrie Jones (autographed) - from Dust of 100 Dogs contest
Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend by Carrie Jones (autographed) - from Dust of 100 Dogs contest
Love (and other uses for duct tape) by Carrie Jones (autographed) - from Dust of 100 Dogs contest
Damosel by Stephanie Spinner - from Joan at Knopf Delacorte who edited the book.  She and Melissa Wiley thought I might enjoy this one!
Reunion by Therese Fowler - from Random House for a Pump Up Your Book Promotions tour
A Worthy Legacy by Tomi Akinyanmi - from the author who was sent my way by J. Kaye
The Scavengers' Manifesto bag - from Tarcher/Penguin, won in a Twitter contest
Women's History Pack:  My Little Red Book, Galway Bay, Dream in Color, Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven, Mistress Bradstreet, Kiss Off - contest win from Drey's Library
The Tablet of My Heart by Elizabeth Walker - from the author for a Pump Up Your Book Promotions tour
The Man's Book by Thomas Fink - from Hachette
Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli - from Knopf Delacorte Dell
The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray - from Knopf Delacorte Dell
In the Land of Cotton by Martha A. Taylor - from the author
The Camel Club Audio Boxed Set by David Baldacci - contest win


Beth F said...

Whoa! That's a long list!! Like your new look.

bermudaonion said...

What a great week. Congratulations on all of the wins! I love your new look, too!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, your mail people must have worn down the path to your house! What a great week!

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

Holy cow! You had a really good week!!

Gwendolyn B. said...

Holy cow, girl! ( I try to be a little different! ). Do you feel snowed under?

Blodeuedd said...

Wow, that's a lot of books :D
Have fun reading

♔ jessica.marie said...

WOW what an amazing book week you had!

Oh and I have given you an award! :D

wisteria said...

Goodness me Shel....You will need more space!!
Have fun reading. Great list.


Mary (Bookfan) said...

This has to be a record week!!!

Happy reading : )

Cindy's Love Of Books said...

Shelly you got osme great books and some great contest wins. I am so happy you got the book you won from my blog.

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