Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Gonna Rock the Drop! Will You?

As you may know, from earlier posts, or if you are a Readergirlz or other YA blog follower, April 16th is Support Teen Literature Day. 

This was taken from the RGZ blog today, "You know rgz, GuysLitWire, YALSA, and publishers are dropping 8,000 new young-adult novels, audiobooks, and graphic novels into hospitals for teens across the country on April 16th, 2009

I plan on joining in on the fun by leaving a YA book in a public place on April 16th.  The book I plan on leaving is Wintergirls.  Yes, I know, I'm probably obsessed with this book and everything that it deals with, but I really liked it.  I feel very strongly about sharing the message with teens.  They NEED to hear this story.  It's probably not a book they would read if I asked or recommended it to them, but when they FIND it, hopefully they will! 

Now, I pass the challenge on to you.  Will you join in and do the same with a YA book of your choice?  If you do, you can get a bookplate for your book here.  When you drop your book, think about taking a picture and sharing it.  There will be a post-op party and live blog chat that evening so you can share and meet other book droppers, authors included.  See this post for more info.


Bingo said...

Thank you, can a middle school Reading Teacher like me not have known about this? We are on spring break but am I getting after our Reading coach on Monday! I will be going through my stacks as I have several appropriate teen books. I will be dropping mine at a homeless shelter our school works with as we have some of those kids at our school. I shall go to the other website and post a comment. Thanks!

Marie said...

Great book choice to drop! I think I am going to leave Impulse!

Staci said...

I'm on this!! I'm going to leave mine at a mental health clinic!!

Unknown said...

Oh I want to participate too :o) What a great idea! I'll go to my shelves right now and pick out something to drop.

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