Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Love the Letter E!

Well, not really, but I do love 10 things that start with E. Why am I doing this? It's all about a meme, and Trish at Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'? started it. She posted 10 things with the letter O and when I commented she assigned me the letter E. I found out that the letter E was hard, but I finally came up with 10 things that I love. If you'd like to join in on the fun of this little meme, leave me a comment and I will email you with your letter.
  1. Email - it's a wonderful thing! I love to turn on the computer and see what's in my mailbox.
  2. Even #s - I know, it's weird, but I don't like things to be odd. When I'm making something, buying things, or making a list I like to have an even number. It's one way I'm obsessive compulsive. I do things in even #s too.
  3. Earrings - I have tons of them and love to wear them.
  4. Eating Mexican food - my husband gets sick of it, but I love everything about it from the chips/salsa all the way to the sopapillas.
  5. Eyes - As I said in my Friday Fill-In, they are the window to the soul, and I always notice people's eyes.
  6. Eve Bunting - great children's author!
  7. Education - I am a teacher, right? How could I not say education. It is something I value and strive to instill a love for in children everyday.
  8. Embraces - There's nothing better than a hug, especially from my husband or a child.
  9. Expressions - facial or verbal. I am a huge fan of idioms, figures of speech, and reading people's faces.
  10. Epilogues - It wouldn't be about me unless it had something to do with books, but book doesn't start with E, so I had to find something bookish. I like it when authors use epilogues; it gives me the chance to know more after the book is over.
So, what do you think; wanta play along? Leave me a comment. I promise I won't give you U, X, or Z.


Beth F said...

Great answers! I got an F and was surprised at how easy it was. I'm with you on eating Mexican food. Yummm; I miss living in the southwest!

Staci said...

Loved your answers...especially the last one!! I'm with you on eating Mexican food...real authentic mexican is the best!!!

bermudaonion said...

Great answers! I think you got a tough letter, but you did an Excellent job with it.

trish said...

I LOVE this list! I obsess over my email. My husband thinks I need help. :-)

And I love epilogues. All books should have one.

You excelled at this!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Just finished reading The School of Essential Ingredients. It has an epilogue...hurray! One of my favorite illustrators is Eulalie. Illustrated lots of books, nursery rhymes and such for Platt and Munk in the early-mid 1900's. What a cool name.

Charlesbridge said...

Eve Bunting! She's one of my favorites, too. We are blessed to have a few of her books on the Charlesbridge list and she's so freaking awesome.

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