Sunday, February 1, 2009

Presenting The Ark Adventure!

Today I want to introduce you to a new charity program, founded by my blogging buddy, Victoria from Life Starring Ellie and EveThe Ark Adventure is a charity will be raising money throughout the year, and at the end of the year all the money will be put toward purchasing an Ark from Heifer International.  What do they do?  Well, Heifer International believes in providing a hand up instead of a hand out, and as such they provide people who are suffering from starvation and extreme poverty a way to better their lives and their family's life. How do they do this? Heifer International provides animals to families who desperately need help; they not only provide an animal, they provide training in animal husbandy, breeding and agriculture as well. By providing an animal they are giving a gift that keeps on giving not only to that family but to the community where that family lives.

So, how does this involve me and why am I telling you this?  I have joined Victoria and other bloggers in The Ark Adventure, an official Federal, non-profit, charity program.  From now on, when I host giveaways on my blog, you will have the chance to earn an extra entry by donating $1 to The Ark Adventure.  It is as simple as that. If you feel like making a $1 donation to help stop starvation and to increase your chance of winning that is great! If you do not want to, then maybe another time.  In all giveaways, if you are moved to donate more than $1 please do so.  For every $1 you donate you will receive one BONUS ENTRY.

If you go to The Ark Adventure you will see all the other bloggers who are participating. It is a great group of bloggers and we are hoping more will join on as the program continues.  Updates on how the program is doing will be posted on this blog  and on The Ark Adventure.

Victoria is on the look out for Ark Adventure Giveaway sponsors and for bloggers who want to offer bonus entry donations or who will help promote; basically anything and everything. If you have any questions or would like to participate please contact her!

Join me in helping to stop starvation with $1 donation to The Ark Adventure!

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This sounds interesting!

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