Sunday, February 1, 2009

Review: 2 Board Books for Baby

If you follow my blog, you know that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting my first nephew, Brayden, in March.  My brother knows, that as a teacher, I believe in giving books as gifts, and my nephew will be no exception.  I have recently received 2 board books, that I'm sure he'll love; he just doesn't know it yet. :)

Author:  Sandra Magsamen
Review Copy Provided By:  Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

About the Book:  This adorable peek-a-boo book invites little ones to play along with their favorite animals, with soothing rhymes and engaging illustrations as only Sandra Magsamen can deliver. The anticipation of what's hiding on the next page will keep kids guessing and giggling all the way to the surprise ending - when a heart-shaped mirror reveals who's loved most of all!

My Review:  This is a cute book to give as a baby shower gift.  I would not recommend letting baby have it alone because of the flaps in the book, but it is great for reading to baby.  The rhymes are catchy and the pictures give clues as to what's under the flap.  I like the script used in this board book.  It is not your typical block font, but it's large enough for little eyes to notice.  Magsamen has given us another wonderful book to enjoy with babies!

Title:  Listen, Listen
Illustrator:  Alison Jay
Review Copy Provided by:  publisher, Barefoot Books via The Picnic Basket

About the Book:  Introduce young readers to the sights and sounds of the year - from summer's sizzling sun to winter's crackling snow. Featuring breathtaking illustrations by internationally renowned illustrator, Alison Jay, this book will open your child's eyes and ears to the world around them!

My Review:  I enjoyed this oversized board book.  Kids love noises, and this book is full of them, from the noises the insects make in summer, to the silent sounds of winter.  I can just hear young children mimicing the sounds that are read to them in this delightful book.  Children love to learn about the differences in the seasons and this book will help them to do just that.  The muted colors and rustic looking illustrations by Alison Jay, add character to this book.  I especially liked how she added faces to the flowers and made them come to life on the page as you read, "Pop, pop, bulbs sprout.  Leaves grow, flowers shout."  An added bonus at the end is an "I Spy" like page for each season that I'm sure kids are going to enjoy.  Even though this is a board book, usually for babies, toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy it as well.  This is a review for The Picnic Basket, so this book receives a 4 - recommend without reservation.

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