Monday, February 2, 2009

Mailbox Monday - 2/02/09

I thought I'd change my mailbox in honor of the new month. I have a lot of different ones saved, so I may use a different one each month. No, none of these are my mailbox, just pictures I found on the web. For those of you following the story of our mailbox, we will have a new one up tomorrow. I went to the post office on Saturday and they had held ALL my mail. Needless to say, there were many books. My husband said we went to the post office to pick up a library. He loves that I read, but wonders where we are going to put all the books. Maybe now, he will buy me the bookshelf I've been wanting. I had a pretty good week; here's what came in the mail.

Four-year-old Miles develops a tummy ache while on a family picnic in Maine. His planned camping trip with Papa (complete with canoeing and fishing) is postponed when throwing up (oops!) and diarrhea (loose poops) develop. Mama, Papa and Lucy Moose take excellent care of Miles at home. Of course, they are helped by their kindly pediatrician, Dr. Hippo, who advises that fluid is the best medicine for Miles. Will Miles recover in time to go camping with Papa under a special, star-filled sky?

The classic 1950s song ‘The Big Bell and the Little Bell’ is brought to life in pictures, words and music. The big bell makes a mighty “bong!” while the little bell just makes a tiny “bing!” In this beautifully illustrated picture book, little ones will learn that those who make the biggest noise aren’t always as important as they think.

When Garth's uncle comes to visit, he's like a breath of very needed fresh air. Mike is laid-back and relaxed—and willing to accept Garth for who he is, without question. For the first time in a long while, Garth feels like he's around someone who understands him. But before long Garth is helping Mike with some pretty mysterious things and finds himself keeping secrets from everyone around him. He's forced to wonder: Is his uncle Mike really who he says he is, and can Garth trust him? More importantly, can Garth trust the person he's becoming?

Henri and the Alien - from the author, Lookman, UK
Henrietta’s life is different to that of her school pals – her purpose is to serve her unloving parents as a dutiful daughter by cooking their meals, washing up, and carrying out all the household chores. One day, Henri’s life is turned upside down with the discovery that her grumpy dad and her pampered mum are not her real parents… and they are thinking of sending her away to a children's home. That’s when her tears of sadness are picked up on a supersound receiver by Eanie Meanie – a green, tentacled alien and together they embark on a strange and perilous adventure which takes them far, away from the earth.

We didn’t start life as a size 8, 12, 16 or more. So how did we get here? Well, the simple truth is we ate, and we ate, and we … So how do we turn things around and get back to the way we deserve? Size 2 for Life shows us how. Presented in clear and easily understood language this amazingly simple new diet and fitness program can make and keep almost any woman a frame-adjusted size 2. Included are simple tests to gauge ones current status, a complete diet and exercise program as well as the 21-Day “2 for Life” quick-start plan for rapid results.

The Book of Unholy Mischief - from Atria Books for Twitter Book Club
It is 1498, the dawn of the Renaissance, and Venice teems with rumors of an ancient book that holds the secret to unimaginable power. It is an alchemist's dream, with recipes for gold, immortality, and undying love. Everyone, rich and poor alike, speculates about the long-buried secrets scrawled in its pages and where it could possibly be hidden within the labyrinthine city. But while those who seek the book will stop at nothing to get it, those who know will die to protect it.

During his 40 years of medical practice and in his nationally syndicated newspaper column, Dr. Gott's patients and readers have continually asked him for a way to lose weight that is both simple and foolproof. In response, he developed the No Flour, No Sugar diet which has prompted countless weight loss success stories from his patients, thousands of letters from readers of his column raving about their successes, and a New York Times bestselling book.

Each second of the day, someone in America faces a crisis, whether it's a car accident, violent crime, serious illness, or financial trouble. Given the inevitability of adversity, we all wonder: Who beats the odds and who surrenders? Why do some people bound back and others give up? How can I become the kind of person who survives and thrives? The fascinating, hopeful answers to these questions are found in THE SURVIVORS CLUB.

Third Grade Baby - from author, Jenny Meyerhoff
Polly Peterson knows that baby teeth are for babies like her little brother, Max. And yet she’s the only kid in her third grade class who hasn’t lost a single one. Her best friends, Oliver and Amelia, try to make her feel better, but it’s hard to be cheerful when Zachary, the new boy at school, starts calling her Babyteeth. As if that weren’t bad enough, Polly worries about what to do when she finally does lose a tooth. Can third graders leave teeth under their pillows? Or is the tooth fairy also just for babies?
The Library Dragon - won in a contest at school, from school librarian, autographed by author and illustrator
What did you find in your mailbox this week?


bermudaonion said...

The Book of Unholy Mischief sounds so good - I can't wait to see what you think of it.

Anonymous said...

The Book of Unholy Mischief does sound good! I love books where books are a main part of the plot.

- Anastasia

Kristi said...

Size 2 For Life- I would like this one!

My list is Here:

Come and visit!

Christine said...

I like the new mailbox and I kove that title about the moose with loose poops!

Tina said...

Wow! You did really well this week. I have been trying to get In Mike we Trust, but could not figure out how to get it. Maybe i will try emailing HarperCollins.

Have a great fun week of reading.

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

Oh - I received Size 2 as well. I think my son would love the bell book. :)

Here's my Mailbox! ~ Wendi

Callista said...

The Moose with Loose Poops is on it's way to my house too. The Survivor's Club was AWESOME!

Do you work in a school or library?

I just posted my MM. I'm a little late.

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