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Blog Tour Review: A Worthy Legacy


Title: A Worthy Legacy
Author:  Tomi Akinyanmi
Review Copy Provided by: author

About the Book: The quiet last words

The Harmattan wind scorches across Nigeria, and an old man lies dying. His community gathers to pay its respects; their haunting songs echoing in the warm twilight. Tomi Akinyanmi, his eldest granddaughter, is present along with the rest of the family, and as she listens to Grandpa’s last words, she feels a resonance deep within her heart. For Grandpa doesn’t talk of regrets, or petty grievances, instead he talks softly about life; how to survive, how to be happy, how to achieve self-respect.

A year on from her Grandpa’s death, Tomi returns to his village. The family bonds have crumbled, no longer held strong by their patriarch. Searching for some link to her Grandpa, in the hope of understanding more, Tomi looks for the journal she once wrote and in which Grandpa would set thought-provoking essays. She finds the journal, but instead of one last essay, she finds Grandpa has left her his thoughts, a continuation of those spoken on his deathbed.

He explains to Tomi that life is a gift, and that it should be treated as such. He also writes of love, and the importance of giving love to others to allow them to love in return. His final words speak of happiness and how it can be achieved through four different disciplines, each balanced and working together.

“Hard work does not mean wealth; Neither does wealth mean class. Age does not mean wisdom, And Love does not mean bliss. Hard work drives vision. Class comes with confidence. Wisdom is found in experience, And love is but a shelter for him who finds it. Amid all the life storms, A man would wade through; Confidence and vision, wisdom and love, Together pull him through.”

My Review:  A Worthy Legacy is a powerful book, in spite of it's size.  They say good things come in small packages, and that's true for Tomi's book.  Coming in with just 101 pages, it's a quick read, but not a light one.

The entire book is filled with great quotes and thoughtful, sage advice from Tomi's grandfather.  It reminded me of my own grandfather as he has always offered up his thoughtful words of wisdom.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.   I found lots of quotes/advice that I will be using, reading, and sharing with others.  Here is a quote from the beginning of the book, when Tomi visited her grandfather on his deathbed, that I loved:
I therefore plead with you that you wear a smile just for me, for like the lightning lights up the darkness of the earth in the storm, so does a smile light up a gloomy face; then it extends its glow down into the heart, to lessen the sadness within.

Tomi and her grandfather shared a private journal, which is where she found his thoughts to her after his death.  What a very powerful thing for a child, to have a journal that is shared with someone, someone who understood Tomi's dreams.  It's something more parents/grandparents should do with their children/grandchildren.  We can all be inspired by  Tomi's grandfather.

I  hope that you'll consider reading this little, powerful, wealth of wisdom book! 4 out of 5 stars to Tomi and A Worthy Legacy!

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bermudaonion said...

This book sounds wonderful. Hopefully it will remind us to respect our elders.

Anna said...

I've heard such good things about this book. It sounds very moving.

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