Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Character Role Models

I love being home for the summer because I get to see some interesting things on television. Since I don't have a lot of "me" time between summer school ending, training classes for my new job, and starting work on Aug. 3rd, I'm taking advantage. I'm spending a lot of time reading, blogging, tweeting, and just relaxing.  I should feel guilty, but I don't.  During the school year, I don't get to do this enough.

So, this morning, I was watching Good Morning America, which I try to do daily during the summer, and they got my attention when they mentioned Nancy Drew.  I grew up with Nancy Drew!  Actually, had ND books hid behind the seat of the car in case I left home without one; wow, some things never change...I still hide books, just now, in the truck.  Anyway, I digress.  GMA gave a snippet about the segment, saying that Nancy Drew was a role model to many accomplished women, like Oprah and the soon-to-be Supreme Court justice, Sonia Sotomayor.  Well, I had to watch this.  What were they going to say about my beloved Nancy Drew?

The segment titled, Nancy Drew: The Smart Women's Rold Model can be read in it's entirety on the GMA website.  It starts off like this:
Modern female role models might include Hannah Montana or Beyonce, but there was a time when pre-teen girls would pick up a Nancy Drew book and be transported to a world where a brave, smart young woman fought villains and solved mysteries.
Okay, so, only smart women read Nancy Drew?  I have a problem with titles like that!  The segment, though was a great plug for books, timeless books, that should still be read and loved by young readers.  It was all about how Nancy helped to inspire and influence girls, some of whom are now very accomplished women in our society.  Who knew that so many women today were Nancy Drew readers as girls?  Diane Sawyer had this to say:
"I discovered that all around me, among my friends, are Nancy Drew fans.  Back in the '50s, back in the '60s, in the world of Donna Reed and then Barbie dolls, there was an intrepid young woman who inspired women like this."
I did not grow up in the 50's and 60's, but my mother did, who is responsible for getting me hooked on Nancy Drew; thanks mom!!  I spent many days and nights living vicariously through Nancy's bravery and tenacity.

So, go watch/read GMA's segment and tell me what you think!  Were/are you a Nancy Drew fan?  What book character inspired/inspires you? (This question is part of the inspiration behind my Because of A Book feature - see what book(s) inspired Lisa Mantchev, Margaret Stohl, and Kami Garcia)  Who is today's equivalent of Nancy Drew?

Visit The Nancy Drew Sleuth site for lots of great Nancy Drew information.


J.T. Oldfield said...

I didn't read Nancy Drew, but I was a huge fan of the American Girl books. They also had to use their brains and help people and sometimes solve mysteries, too!

PJ (doublelattemama) said...

I *loved* Nancy Drew. I had a small bookcase when i was a child and one entire shelf was devoted to Nancy Drew books. Seeing those yellow spines in the segment brought back memories! As you said - she was smart and brave - great qualities that we can aspire to have. I hope that my daughter will enjoy Nancy or some modern equivalent.

Marie said...

For some reason I was never into Nancy Drew...

I think Pippi Longstockings is an EXCELLENT female role model though!

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